Cialis vs. Viagra


General information


Many people wrongly consider that the impotency and sexual erectile dysfunction is the same thing. They are obviously wrong. The same as they are mistaken when it comes to the misconception that the sexual life freezes and dies away after 55 y.o.


Let us reassure you so you obtained the correct information.


First of all, impotency is a clinical illness and must be treated with medications course and sometimes – with a surgery. When dysfunction of erection is a physiological and psychological issue and it is treated well with the specifically designed pills like Viagra from Canada, which dosage depends on the form of the medication and the desired effect. Viagra without a doctor prescription, the same as Cialis without prescription are two Canadian without prescription remedies that are effective enough to deal with this problem.


Number two – intercourse after 55 is possible with the same Canadian without prescription items bought over the counter. That is why we should compare Cialis vs. Viagra in order to get you acquainted with such an effective solution.


Viagra vs. Cialis comparison


These both are manufactured in various forms – tablets, capsules, strips, tablets (for swallowing and for chewing), and jelly. Depending on the form of no prescription drugs, the dosages are:


The form of the without prescription medication No prescription Viagra dosage, mg No prescription Cialis dosage, mg
Tablets 25 10
Pills under your tongue 50 10
Strips 100 40
Capsules 120 60
Chewable pills 130 80
Jelly 150 80


Be careful that these no prescription Cialis vs. Viagra dosages may change. Before intake Viagra without prescription or Cialis without a prescription, carefully read the leaflet inside of the pack of these Canadian without prescription medications, as the dosages may differ from ones stated here. What is more – it is not necessary to visit your doctor or off-line store – both items are available online at the territory of Canada and the US.


The recommended Viagra no prescription dosage is no more than 50 mg per day, while the recommended Cialis no prescription dosage is no more than 20 mg per day. The effect of drugs is 36 hours normally to Cialis when Viagra lasts only for 6 hours. Thus, it becomes obvious that Cialis vs. Viagra comparison is in favor of Cialis.


The main effect and side effects


If to consider Viagra vs. Cialis from the point of view of the way they work, there are peculiarities.


Cialis without a doctor prescription, the same as Viagra without a prescription raise the blood pressure. That is why sometimes the breathe heaviness and the redness of the skin of the head and neck may occur at the intake of both of these. Viagra vs. Cialis wins, as Viagra, which is accessible to be bought over the counter in Canada, has the effect less mild than Cialis has. After intake of Viagra, every touch to the penis causes its strong erection, while Cialis results in the increased sexual desire and erection occur only during the intercourse. Nevertheless, Cialis has a much longer effect, which lasts 6-12 times longer than the one after Viagra (depending on the accepted dosage).


Alcohol intake


You should be aware when drinking alcohol with these pills. Cialis vs. Viagra, the same as Viagra vs. Cialis have a low tolerance to the fusion of medications with the spirits. We advise you to refrain from taking alcohol together with these items. However, if you still decide to intake any liquor please make sure to intake it at least 15-30 minutes later after Cialis and at least 1 hour after taking Viagra. Despite the low rate of side effects caused by the alcohol, these drugs may cause drowsiness, nausea, too high blood pressure, and vomiting in the rare cases.


Where to buy?


You may order and buy without prescription Viagra or no prescription Cialis in the Canadian online store. You don’t have to visit any doctor or a physical drugstore to make a purchase of these no prescription items.